Membership requirements are new this year!! Please read closely!

This year membership requirements are new this year. For each semester, you need to get a total of 10 points. But before you get nervous, it will be very easy to get 10 points because we are planning a lot of meetings and events. The following is a list of how many points everything equals.

  • Big events (such as Autism Walk, Relay for Life, and NJEA convention)
    • 5 points
  • Info sessions/events/workshops
    • 3 points
  • Donations
    • 1 point
  • SNJEA sign up
    • 1 point

      As the semester is coming a close, check the attendance sheet to see if you are qualified to be a member for this semester. If your name is highlighted in yellow, you have enough points this semester but we would love to see you at the events anyway. If your name is not highlighted at all, that means you need more points. Please Please Please send me (Katherine Szatkowski) an email when you are student teaching this year if you are. This is very important in factoring the point system. If you do not send me when you're student teaching, I will assume you are not and thus need 10 points each semester. Thanks!!

      attendance sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Alj1rVT1E2bydE1kcXFMVmxTcDRwYjZPQ1hqcVpENlE&pli=1#gid=0
*If your name is in purple, it means you are student teaching in the fall and only need 5 points this semester while if your name is in green, it means you are student teaching in the spring and only need 5 points in the spring. If your name has a question mark it means I am not sure when you are student teaching and I would appreciate if you contacted me, Katherine Szatkowski at szatkowskik@rider.edu to let me know when in order for me to properly keep track of how many points you need. In addition, for some of the people who went to the Autism Walk I'm not sure if they are student teaching this year. Therefore, if your name is not in a color but you are student teaching either this semester or next semester, please let me know. Thanks!*